Extempore Review - Create those TV-style product demos with this tool?
Extempore Review

Extempore Review – Create those TV-style product demos with this tool?

Extempore Review – Create those TV-style product demos with this tool?

Extempore Review

Are you looking for an Extempore? Please check my of the Extempore Review. I will show you the great benefits of this product.


You know nothing will sell your product better than a quality video. You see them on TV from QVC, HSN, etc, and online they’ve been selling billions of dollars worth of products per year, but.

What if you don’t have that type of experience with video? You know you need a high-quality demo that also showcases you and your expertise, but how do you do it?

Well, one of the easiest ways to do this that professionals use is a teleprompter. That’s why I’m so excited to show you Extempore Content Edition. Before I tell you about the content side of this let me tell you why this is such a powerful video creation tool for your demo videos. If you want to create a powerful demo all you have to do is:

1. Write a short script;
2. Import the “story” (your script) into the app on your smartphone;
3. Hit record.

It’s really that simple. You can create highly compelling demo sales videos, look like a confident pro, and nail it easily with Extempore Content App.

Plus, if you are in a market like health, fitness, finance, fashion, and you need to come up with content, then they also have a content generation tool and training on 75 ways to come up with content that will work in any niche. This is seriously the most powerful, easy to use the app for creating on-camera videos I’ve ever seen, and you can lock it in right now at a great price.

Note, if you purchase this product via my link, you will receive a special reward package from me worth up to $ 50,000. It can work with Extempore, helping your business go further in the future.

Scroll down to check out the next part of my review, I’ll show you how awesome this software is like this.

Extempore Review – Overview

Extempore Review

Creator:Karthik Ramani
Launch Date:2020-May-01
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $37
Sale Page:Click here
Guarantee:30 days money-back guarantee
Recommend:100% recommend

Extempore Review

What is Extempore?

Extempore is the world’s first smartphone app which enables you to turn your smartphone into your Personal Teleprompter.

Later in this Extempore review, you will find out you don’t need to spend money on any expensive video equipment while being able to create an attention-grabbing and profitable video within seconds.

Check out some of the ways you can use Extempore in your business:

  • Create a script for Videos sales letters
  • Create engaging video ads
  • Create more vlog content
  • Create more engaging videos & stories to post on Social Media
  • Make a killing doing spokesperson videos on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelance sites

Imagine you could get more traffic, create engaging videos, and it was as simple as copy, paste, record. Now, you can. If you write any type of blog content, articles, or do affiliate marketing, then this is a powerful, easy to use the app to creating authority style videos in 3 simple steps.

It’s called Extempore. Let me explain how it works.

1. You take your article, blog post, product review, or any other piece of content.

2. Add it as a “story” in the Extempore Teleprompter App.3. Hit record. You can have as many “takes” as you want until you get it perfect.

Now, you have a professionally recorded video. They have a “Pro” upgrade that allows you to edit green screen videos right from your smartphone, add lower thirds, and music as well.

It’s really that powerful.

This is a simple, yet powerful way to help your audience get to know you, and share your video on YouTube and other video sites. You’ll want to lock in the lowest price possible as well during their launch. This is seriously an amazing product.

That’s it. Now, what if you don’t know what to say? No problem.

You see, with Extempore you can dynamically create content, and they also have training teaches you 75 ways to create content in any niche. Plus, there’s also an option you can share the ‘story’ with your client before you ever record it.

It is really simple. You can create compelling videos, in minutes. In addition, the videos are easy to share on social networks and are integrated into YouTube. If you are creating any type of video on your mobile device or you just want to make it easier – this is 100% mandatory.

Extempore Review – Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at what is inside of Extempore:


Extempore enables you to record any video up to 10 minutes in length. This is great for quick hits or any motivational videos you may want to create on your favorite platform. All you need to do is just open the app, create a story, hit record, and start talking!


If you don’t get the first take with your video, it’s totally okay. Extempore gives you the ability to do as many takes as necessary to get it right. Plus, your audience has absolutely no idea of that!


You will definitely look like a star with Extempore!

The videos you create with Extempore are only limited by the standard of the camera on your phone or tablet. As now, most smartphones are having the best quality camera than ever before, it has never been easier to create top-quality videos.


Social sharing is now made incredibly easy with Extempore. After you’re done recording and making a couple of edits, just use the choices within the app to share or download the video. There is absolutely no other complicated software or extra manual work required.


You can choose whichever video layout with Extempore. If you would like to urge up close and private, just use the vertical option. Meanwhile, if you want to share your background, choose the horizontal layout.


Extempore enables you to export all of your videos with absolute HD Quality. This is a HUGE step up from most other apps that only give you crappy 480p quality that resembles videos from the 80s.


Once you sign up, you will get a license all squared away instantly and use it on your computer.


Additionally, you will be provided with a license to use the software on any mobile device of your choice. This way you’ll get the best of both worlds!


If you want to create an attention-grabbing and eye-catching videos on Instagram, you need to create a square video. Extempore allows you to make those square videos easily so you’ll post and obtain on together with your day! No additional editing or software conversion needed.


Once you complete creating your video, you can upload it directly to YouTube with no hassle. If you are already building or about to build your Youtube channel, this is your perfect chance!


I know the awkward moment when the camera is going while you have finished your recording. The best thing is with Extempore, your camera will automatically stop once you’re done. This way you’ve got a smooth video you’ll use directly.


You can also adjust the script text to a size that you feel comfortable with. This feature is perfect for you when the device is close or far away.


The most outstanding feature of this product is having a script rolling while you are recording. But if at any time you don’t like how things are going, you’ll override it immediately to your liking. You won’t have to be panicked trying to keep up with your script.


In case you want to track how many words you speak per minute so as to speak as naturally as possible. Well, the good news is that Extempore gives you that choice to set directly before you record.

And if you get it wrong? Don’t worry. The text scrolling speed is totally adjustable.


There is absolutely nothing you can’t do with Extempore. You are given the same power in your hands as the pros do. It enables you to trim your video without spending an extra amount on any other complicated video editor.


Extempore also puts your phone on silent if you forget to do that. It’s such frustration and struggles when you get an unexpected call or text during a recording.


You can flexibly choose which camera you want to use on your phone. If you want to appear on the screen and use the front-facing camera, it’s totally possible.

Meanwhile, if you want to do a documentary-style video while using the back-facing camera and still have a script on screen, you can do that, too!

Extempore Review

About the creator

Extempore Review

Karthik Ramani is well-known for his profound knowledge of the digital marketing industry. Many of his products and services are within the center of attention for his or her universal success.

During his career path, people see him as an inspirational icon and always come for his advice. This is understandable since several of his products became phenomenal, a number of which are Social Marketing Suite, One Links, Lead Monster, Channel Authority Builder, EverFunnel, EasyLinks… this point, Karthik Ramani is back to bring you Extempore. Please scroll down the next part of my Extempore review to read the detailed features of this product and figure out if it’s a good match for you or not!

How Does it Use?

Imagine there was a way to create captivating, authoritative videos in just 4 simple steps? Now you can with a powerful new app that will turn your smartphone into a teleprompter, and even help you dynamically generate content.

So, how does it work? First, let’s talk about how you create the video, then the content.

Extempore Content Edition turns your phone into a teleprompter. It only takes 4 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Create a new “story” from the easy to use dashboard.
  • Step 2: Click on my takes and press the record icon.
  • Step 3: Configure your settings before you record. (You can
    adjust the text size and scroll speed)
  • Step 4: Click, Record, Speak!

Let’s inspect the demo video below to ascertain it in action!


Who should use it?

I think Extempore perfectly fit with people who are working as:

  • Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Online Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses
  • Make money online

And Much More.

Extempore Review

Evaluation And Price

This is a strictly LIMITED TIME discounted offer! The price will jump significantly – likely to $97 in the near future… ​The steeply discounted price on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this limited-time special launch offer. In, fact if you exit right now and come back later, you will end up pay more!

Front-end: Extempore  ($27)

  • Extempore Content Version Commercial which is 37$ will be at 33$ during the Early bird hours!
  • Extempore Content Version personal will remain @ 27$
  • The post-midnight price will increase to 37$

OTO 1: PRO Edition ($67)

Extempore Pro gives you ‘advanced’ features to take your videos to the next level, and make your videos look like they came from an in the house production studio, and the best part is you can take full advantage of it even if you are completely new to creating a video.

  • Shoot Longer Videos

Shoot Videos up to 10 minutes duration. Express your thoughts freely and don’t worry a few long scripts. Be it a documentary or a Travel video, with Extempore Content Version pro, you can shoot longer videos to express all your thoughts! Don’t reserve anything to cut short your videos!

  • Additional Stories

They know you are a hustler! You are managing multiple clients at an equivalent time. They understand this and allow you to add an additional 15 stories. So you can manage a

  • Add lower thirds and Captions

Lower thirds and captions help to add context to the videos. They want to do everything possible to give your videos an extra push. You have a variety of lower thirds and caption formats to choose from. Pick a format and type in your text! You will have beautiful lower thirds and captions added to your video!

  • Brand your Videos

You heard that right! You can personalize your videos to the extent you can add your brand’s logo to your videos. In a few simple clicks, upload your logo and choose the position in which you want it to appear.

  • Shoot Green Screen Videos

Extempore pro gives the power to shoot Green screen Videos. You can remove green screen backgrounds and replace them with attractive background choices within the App or any background of your choice by uploading it to the App.

  • Add Background Music

They want you to create videos full of life. You can prefer to add background music to your videos by selecting audio of your choice!

  • Teleprompter Mode

You can also shoot videos using conventional Teleprompter mode using Extempore Pro

  • Faster Rendering

With Extempore pro, they commit to reducing your waiting time between video creation and video sharing. Your videos are getting to be rendered fast and you’ll push them to social media even faster!

OTO 2: Agency License ($97)

  • If you want to create a ton of happy customers then this is an amazing opportunity. You can create flawless videos of your clients who have never appeared before the camera effortlessly! Even a client on the other side of the world can shoot videos which you can customize and sell!
  • Now, once you’ve got them over that hurdle of creating a perfect video for their business, then you are in an incredible position to sell them more of your products and services. This is the power of the Extempore Agency. With your Agency license, you’ll create and assign stories to your clients. Your clients can edit stories & record multiple takes. If you own a pro copy of Extempore, your clients can also do all the advanced editing.
  • In other words, With this Agency Level Access, you are provided the rights to offer Video Creation & Editing services to your clients using Extempore. Agency holders often charge between $250 to $5k per video they provide their clients. As you can see, you can easily make your investment back in no time.

OTO 3: Reseller License ($247)

  • You’re going to love everything about Extempore! This is why they are offering you a Reseller license to sell the front end copies of Extempore, and the best part is you get to name the price your customers pay.
  • You can charge them monthly, by simply reselling Extempore to businesses who already need it. With Extempore, you have a solid product backed by a strong team that will provide exceptional support whom you can rely on!
  • How are you going to benefit from Extempore Reseller? Sell 50 or 100 copies of Extempore Commercial license to prospective clients. Keep selling their beautiful funnel and get 50% commissions on all your sales, and 100% on the front end sales of Extempore Commercial.

Last thoughts and conclusion

Extempore is definitely great software, you want to own it as soon as possible. Before your opponent does.

This is great software, for a perfect price. It is completely different from the products out there. You really want to make more money with this powerful product in the right market at the right time with their discount offers. You can now use this Extempore software to battle your competitors!

You have finally reached rock bottom line in my Extempore Review.

Sincere thanks for reading the review. I hope this review will assist you to make the simplest decision for your business. I know you would like this software directly, so I don’t waste some time and end the review here. Try Extempore now!

Lastly, if you buy this product through my link, you will get 24/7 support from me. This suggests you’ll contact me anytime you’ve got trouble using it otherwise you will contact the author’s support team. Please contact me via this email address (Brianreviewsuport@Gmail.com). I will be able to support you enthusiastically.

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Thanks for reading the Extempore Review.


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