MaxMailz Review - The last email marketing solution you’ll ever need
MaxMailz Review

MaxMailz Review – The last email marketing solution you’ll ever need

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MaxMailz Review – The last email marketing solution you’ll ever need

MaxMailz Review

Are you looking for a MaxMailz? Please check my of the MaxMailz Review. I will show you the great benefits of this product.


If you have been around any length of time online then I’m sure you’ve already heard of the importance of email marketing. As a matter of fact, if there’s one saying that’s keeps being repeated, it’s that, “the money is in the list”.

Unfortunately, building a list nowadays takes a ton of tools to do it right. And while I advocate for building a list you can profit with, I don’t advocate spending hundreds of dollars a month on tools to help you do it.

Thankfully, there’s a new tool that gives you everything you need to dominate email marketing, but without the hefty price tag.

It’s called MaxMailz 360* and you can see the details here:

The key to MaxMailz is the 360-degree technology that lets you snag and capture leads from a number of sources with ease.

This includes places like:

  • Your WordPress Blog
  • Your Wix Site
  • Your Ecom Stores
  • Woocommerce Platforms
  • Clickfunnel Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Shopify Stores
  • HTML Websites

And capturing leads on any of these platforms is incredibly simple.

You just:

  1. Choose Your Lead Capture Option In Max Mailz 360*
  2. Edit And Add To Your Desired Platform
  3. Build Your List and Profit!

There are so many features that will allow you to dominate email marketing and build a profitable list that it’ll make your head spin!

So if you want to have a tool that surpasses all the rest and for an extreme discount, make sure you get over to Max Mailz 360* here now. You’ll be glad you picked this one up today.

PS! If you buy this product through my link you will receive some special rewards from me worth up to $ 50,000. It can work with MaxMailz, helping your business go further in the future.

Scroll down to see the next part of my review, I’ll show you how great this product is.

MaxMailz Review – Overview

MaxMailz Review

Creator:Dr. Amit Pareek
Launch Date:2020-Jun-22
Launch Time:10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47
Sale Page:Click here
Guarantee:30 days money-back guarantee
Recommend:100% recommend

MaxMailz Review

What is MaxMailz?

MaxMailz is a breakthrough software that enables you to build huge profitable email lists from literally ANY platforms you are using. It utilizes a unique 360 Degree Email Marketing Technology to maximize your leads and sales without any technical skills required!

The Unique 360 Degree Email Marketing Technology That Helps Power Your Business Without Any Technical Hassles!

MaxMailz Review – Key Features

  • Customized Drag & Drop Business Central Dashboard

As soon as you log into MaxMailz 360°, you will be able to see a user-friendly and intuitive drag and drop dashboard:


The best thing about this dashboard is you can arrange any section in whatever way you like so as to ensure maximum visibility and productivity. This is great for giving you the specific data you need at a moment’s notice regarding your email marketing campaigns.

  • 100+ Beautiful & Mobile Friendly Done For You Lead Pages, Pop-Ups, & Email Templates

It is inevitable that building a responsive list requires great first impressions! Thus, lots of business owners allocate huge budgets on hiring a bonafide graphics designer and master coder to create brilliant options to capture their visitor’s emails.

Now, there is no need for you to spend loads of money on that as MaxMailz provides you with a wide variety of visually appealing templates to get you started. All you need to do is just load them up, click to edit, make changes, and there you have your responsive list effortlessly!

  • True 360* Email Lead Capturing Technology

As you have seen from the name, 360 degrees means full circle which means MaxMailz 360 degree technology enables you to capture emails from tons of places online without even lifting a single finger:


There’s no ‘circle’ of influence on your personal platforms that you won’t be able to get subscribers from when you use MaxMailz 360° today. These platforms include:

  • Exclusive Email Follow Up Journey Automated Technology

Designing your email follow-ups is like building a funnel. With MaxMailz, you can visually design the journey of your email follow-ups with no hassle. This feature gives your subscribers a perfectly stunning view of how your campaign looks:


When you come to be contented with the designed campaign, just let the automation do all the hard work of managing the campaign. Just sit back and enjoy the profits!

  • Advanced Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Page Editor.

This feature truly sets MaxMailz from others as its page editor is what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).

It comes loaded with so many features inside that you will be surprised at how easy and quick it is to create lead pages and other items inside of MaxMailz 360 Degree. You will be able to place everything perfectly on the screen and create the best page and elements based on your personal preference without being confused even if it’s your first time.

  • Seamless Integration With The Most Popular Autoresponder Services

You can integrate MaxMailz with lots of popular autoresponders on the market.

There is no need for you to switch all your lists and contacts over when you don’t want to. Just enjoy all the benefits that MaxMailz bring about while simultaneously using your autoresponder service.

Here is a list of autoresponders that can be integrated with MaxMailz:


  • Integrates With Your SMTP Easily!

If you are not into the major autoresponders mentioned in the list above?

There is no worry as MaxMailz can also work with almost every SMTP service too. All you need to do is just configure the settings in just seconds and that’s it! There is absolutely no need for you to purchase different software tools for your email marketing as the combination of MaxMailz and your SMTP service is already a blast!

  • List Cleaning and List Checking Included At No Extra Cost!

In fact, you might face the problem that your emails can be delivered to bad email addresses and get a ton of bounces.

In this case, you can be flagged by the majority of email service providers and categorized as SPAM, or in the worst-case scenario, you’ll be blacklisted altogether. Say goodbye to this struggle as you now have MaxMailz. It has an inbuilt list cleaning and list checking options for you, thus, you don’t need to spend an extra dime on these services:

In addition, this feature ensures that you are emailing a clean list with every single follow up and promotion

  • Craft Awesome Emails With Their Intuitive Editor

Email plays an inevitably essential role in email marketing, on the contrary, lots of people often struggle to write a professional-looking email using some software. You can easily find them quite clunky and not user-friendly.

Understanding that MaxMailz provides you with an incredible email editor which is non-intrusive while delivering exceptional writing experience that allows you to craft the perfect email to your list:


  • Unlimited Email Sending & Scheduling Without Any Restrictions

There is no restriction in the number of emails you can queue up or send with MaxMailz. You are able to queue up emails for the whole week, month, or even a year if you like and do it for multiple lists if you choose. Just set up everything once and MaxMailz will automatically deliver your emails on time without any hassle!


  • Smart Tagging For Easy Segmentation

Thanks to this incredible feature, you can tag your subscribers to various offers, interests, and much more:


This is your ultimate chance to boost conversions as you will be able to deliver mail relevant offers to people who are actually interested in it while not upsetting those who aren’t. This feature is such a great boost for your customer retention and your open rates. When that happens, you’re more likely to end up in the inbox and not the SPAM or Promotion Folder.

  • Advanced Spam Checker

Obviously you don’t want to send high-converting and professionally written email which ends up being invisible as it’s categorized as spam. In order to solve this problem, MaxMailz 360 includes one of the finest and most advanced spam checkers available currently:

Just select this option for your email and it will let you know if your email can make it to the inbox or not. This is such a powerful tool for boosting your deliverability before you press send.

  • Detailed Email Analytics

MaxMailz provides you with detailed data so that you know how well your email marketing campaigns are performing and figure out what’s working and what to avoid. This way you can see which emails resonate with your list and create more successful campaigns in the future.

  • Personalization Options To Boost Open Rates

If you want to make your emails more personalized, MaxMailz makes it totally possible for you!

You can use MaxMailz to generate perfect subject lines or make your emails more outstanding. This will undoubtedly boost your email open rates as your emails sound so friendly which can grab people’s attention in just a blink of an eye:


  • 100,000 Contacts For Your Massive List Building Needs

Other autoresponder services charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month depending on your email list size. And guess what’s even worse than that? You get charged for the same subscriber that’s on different lists!

There is no worry as you now have MaxMailz which offers 100,000 contact option for you today without any hidden fees:


  • 100 Email Lists To Organize Your Email Marketing

Apart from providing a huge number of contacts in your account, you will also be given 100 different email lists to organize all your contacts and niches you market to. This is such an amazing tool for effective segmentation and is plenty enough even for the most aggressive marketer.

  • 50 Domain Names Included

If you want to host your pages on your own domain, just go ahead and do it! You can choose that option right inside your account. In order to take your flexibility to the next level, you are able to host your pages with 50 different domains instead of just one without spending a dime!

  • 50 Sub Domain Names Included

You will also be provided with a ton of subdomains for your MaxMailz accounts. It is now much easier for you to separate your markets and audiences or even use it to manage your client’s business with your free commercial license upgrade.


  • Receive Up To 100,000 Page Views Monthly At No Additional Charge

It is often the case that people spend hundreds of dollars a month on other software while ending up getting just a few page views. Come to think about this: if you ever go over that, you could eventually end up paying more or have your pages suspended. However, MaxMailz just does all the work for you by giving you 100,000 page views. From now on, you never have to worry about losing a single lead.


  • Behavior Oriented Pop-Up Technology

Usually, the majority of your first-time visitors don’t sign up so you cannot capture them as a lead. Hence, pop-ups are like your game changer! With MaxMailz, you are offered a wide variety of features to use so that you can create and deploy pop-ups for your site.


These incredible features include:

  • Entry specifications
  • Exit specifications
  • Time delay
  • Number of times page has been viewed
  • How many times the site has been visited
  • URL contains a certain link

You will be able to customize your pop-ups to the point that you are 100% contented with your pop-ups to reduce blindness and encourage more signups to your lists with little to zero work invested.

  • Sticky Bar Notifications

You might have seen these notification bars at the top or the bottom of sites with certain messages embedded in them.

There are thousands of sites using this kind of notification and this is because they actually work! While your site visitor is browsing through your site, it will interrupt them and grab their attention right away.

MaxMailz now provides you access with this exceptional feature. By having sticky bars, you can increase sign ups and promos just by adding this to your page instantly:

In addition, you don’t need to have any technical experience or skills. You will be shown how to create and add this to your desired site in mere minutes with MaxMailz 360°.

  • Hosting Forall Your Pages Is Included

There is no need for you to pay for hosting as MaxMailz already offers you lightning speed hosting while you don’t have to spend a dime! All you need to do is just create your page, publish, and you are up and running with your leads with pages that load faster instantly.

  • Automatic SSL Encryption For Every Page You Create

It is often the case that an SSL certificate requires an extra amount of fees but MaxMailz is the exception!

Not only you are getting more secure encryption than Ft. Knox with MaxMailz 360°, but also you’re getting that same SSL Encryption FOR EVERY PAGE you ever create with your account. This would normally cost you thousands but the best thing is when you sign up today at no additional charge.

  • Receive 250GB Worth of Bandwidth Every Month For Your Traffic

You will get a massive amount of bandwidth for all your email marketing needs.

With this feature, you will be able to end the struggle of your pages being suspended and losing out on precious leads. You will be provided with 250GB worth of bandwidth monthly so as to take your business to the next level.

  • Get A Massive 250GB Of Storage For All Your Files And Attachments

When sending out a special promotion or bonus, you sometimes want to include an attachment with your emails. Thus, MaxMailz provides you with a massive 250GB of storage for you to host all of your pictures or files on your pages.

Usually, you are charged extra for this with this service but when you sign up today, you don’t have to spend even a dime on it.

  • Step-By-Step Video Training Included

Of course, you will be able to be up and running with MaxMailz right away but you are still provided with an over-the-shoulder video training covering all the bases when it comes to getting started. Specifically, there is an in-depth video library that walks you through the whole process of using MaxMailz from A to Z.

This wizard will guide you every single day through learning the features in MaxMailz so as to take your marketing campaigns to the next level. All you need to do is simply follow the steps and you’ll be zooming through the software in no time!

  • Free Limited-Time Upgrade: Commercial License

When you purchase MaxMailz today, you will be getting a free Commercial License. With this commercial upgrade, you can use MaxMailz for your personal business as well as manage clients’ email marketing.

With this amazing feature, you will be up and running with your email services that can generate extra thousands of dollars per month. Be prepared to gain an additional six-figure income now!

MaxMailz Review

About the creator

MaxMailz Review

Specially, Dr. Amit Pareek is a top-notch product developer who is a renowned marketer in the industry. He has been working in IM space since 2012 and has been considered as a big name. He has a catalog of high-quality goods that have made more than 7,500 online sales.

Some of the successful releases that can be mentioned are FB Ads Biz in a box, Hot PLR Blogs, WP Notify Wizard 2.0, MaxConvert, MaxFunnels, AcademyPro, etc.

This time, he teamed up with Er. Ashu Kumar who is also an experienced Internet Marketer to bring you MaxMailz. It is undoubted that these two amazing creators can do wonder for you with MaxMailz.

How Does it Use?

Start Building A Profitable List With Only A Few Steps:

  • Step #1: Choose Your Lead Capture Option In MaxMailz 360*
  • Step #2: Edit And Add To Your Desired Platform
  • Step #3: Build Your List and Profit!

As you can see from my using instruction, it is undeniably easy and simple to follow and I find no difficulty using MaxMailz.

Even if you are a complete newbie, you can do it, too! The best thing about this product is that it comes with step-by-step training enabling you to get started with MaxMailz right away without any hassle!

Why should you buy it?

I know you might be using lots of apps separately to run an effective marketing campaign. However, you can now say goodbye with this struggle as MaxMailz has it all for you!

It offers you the same solutions in one bundled app which has the same similar function with other separate services combined including lead page creator, pop up notification creator, sticky notification bar creator, email template design, landing page design, list checking and cleaning, autoresponder service, SMTP Mailing service,…

  • The Advanced Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Page Editor.
  • 100+ Beautiful & Mobile Friendly Done For You Lead Pages, Pop-Ups, & Email Templates
  • Integration With The Most Popular Autoresponder Services
  • SMTP Integration
  • List Cleaning and List Checking Included At No Extra Cost
  • The Ability To Craft Emails With Their Intuitive Editor
  • Unlimited Email Sending & Scheduling Without Any Restrictions
  • Smart Tagging For Easy Segmentation
  • An Advanced SPAM Checker
  • Detailed Email Analytics
  • Personalization Options To Boost Open Rates
  • 100,000 Contacts For Your Massive List Building Needs
  • And more!

Do I really need to say anything else?

If you’re serious about succeeding online, then you need to head on over to the link below to snag your copy of Max Mailz 360* right now.

Where else are you going to find an all in one email marketing the solution that delivers all the above without a monthly fee?

Nowhere else online. But you will need to act fast. Max Mailz 360* is only available at a low price for a limited time. Once you miss it, the price rises and/or you’ll have to pay a monthly fee moving forward. I think you’re going to love what you see on that page. To your success,

Bonus from the author

Note, these are just a few rewards from the author. My great reward will appear at the end of this review.

MaxMailz Review Bonus

Who should use it?

I think MaxMailz perfectly fits with people who are working as:

  • Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Online Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses
  • Make money online

And Much More.

MaxMailz Review

Evaluation And Price

This is a strictly LIMITED TIME discounted offer! The price will jump significantly – likely to $97 in the near future… The big discount on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this special offer during launch. In, fact if you exit immediately and are available back later, you’ll find yourself pay more!

Here are details on the price and a couple of upgrades of this product:

Front End:

Option 1 – MaxMailz Start Plan ($47)
Option 2 – MaxMailz Pro Commercial Plan ($49.95)


  • True 360 Degree Lead Capture
  • Unlimited Scheduling of Emails
  • 100+ Beautifully Designed Various Lead Capture Templates
  • Behavior Pop Up Lead Capture Technology
  • Advanced Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Page Editor.
  • Exclusive Email Follow Up Journey Automated Technology
  • Seamless Autoresponder Integration
  • Use With Your Own Popular SMTP Service
  • Built-In List Cleaning and List Checking
  • Advanced Spam Checker For Deliverability Boosting
  • Detailed and Precise Email Campaign Analytics
  • Smart Tagging Technology For Perfect List Segmentation And 50+ Features.

OTO 1: MaxMailz Elite

  • MaxMailz Elite Monthly Plan ($37/Month)
  • MaxMailz Elite One Time Plan ($197)

The features you will get with MaxMailz upsell #1:

  • Break free & go limitless- add unlimited contacts, unlimited email lists, add unlimited custom domains,
  • Add unlimited businesses, get unlimited website/page visitors, drive unlimited leads from pages,
  • Get unlimited bandwidth.
  • Create and manage unlimited lists
  • Get the power to create unlimited businesses
  • Drive unlimited leads from your pages
  • Unlimited advanced follow-up emails journey with exclusive automation technology
  • Advanced subscriber management with suppression list
  • Duplicate leadpages & funnels in between businesses and projects & save templates for further use
  • Create lead generations journey with exclusive automation technology
  • Team management with rights control for upto 10 members
  • Add unlimited contacts
  • Add unlimited custom domains
  • Unlimited website/page visitors
  • Get unlimited bandwidth
  • Get 100 extra beautiful, mobile-friendly and ready-to-use lead pages, popups and email templates
  • Get the untapped power to send file attachments with emails
  • Advanced campaign management
  • Create advanced webinar registration journey with exclusive automation technology
  • Maximize ROI from your leads with CRM integration

Downsell: MaxMailz Lite ($67)

  • Add upto 100000 contacts for all your mailing lists
  • Advanced subscriber management with suppression list
  • Duplicate lead pages & funnels in between businesses and projects & save templates for further use
  • Create lead generations journey with exclusive automation technology
  • Team management with rights control for upto 10 members
  • Get 100 extra beautiful, mobile-friendly and ready-to-use lead pages, popups and email templates
  • Get the untapped power to send file attachments with emails
  • Advanced campaign management
  • Create advanced webinar registration journey with exclusive automation technology
  • Maximize ROI from your leads with CRM integration

OTO 2: MaxMailz Enterprise

MaxMailz Enterprise Personal ($47)

MaxMailz Enterprise Commercial ($97

  • Advanced analytics of your email campaigns to have clear insight to boost ROI:
  • You can even create unlimited a/b testing for lead pages & popups to choose the best performer
  • Effective bounce management
  • Get 20 more mobile-friendly and ready-to-use lead pages, popups to capture maximum leads for your business
  • Work collaboratively & share proven page & journey templates with your team members, clients & group of marketers for faster & proven page & results
  • You also get accurate analysis for team member’s activities for effective monitoring
  • Unlimited a/b testing for email campaigns to choose the best performer
  • Get pinpoint accurate analytics of your lead pages & popups to have a clear insight of what’s working & what’s not
  • Get 10 premium & professional e-mail templates
  • Share control of your dashboard to up to 50 team members
  • Easily remove our logo from your email footer, lead pages, popups & journey and present yourself as an authority

OTO 3MaxMailz Business Drive ($47)

  • Store your media securely & share faster together with your clients
  • Share files on elegant, brandable & SEO optimized sharing pages
  • Single dashboard to manage all type of files
  • Manage files in folders easily & share an entire folder with clients or team members with folder management feature
  • Manage & share multiple files and save your time
  • Access files anytime, anywhere with business cloud
  • Engage the maximum audience with royalty-free stock images & videos- pixabay & pixels integration
  • Advanced share page analytics to possess an entire insight on how your files do
  • Preview and download the files before sharing
  • Folders effortlessly enabled login
  • Fetch & sync valuable data effortlessly with google drive, one drive & dropbox integration

OTO 4: MaxMailz Premium membership

  • MaxMailz Premium Membership Monthly ($27/Month)
  • MaxMailz Premium Membership One Year Deal ($197)
  • MaxMailz Premium Membership One Time Deal ($297)

The features you will get with MaxMailz upsell #4:

  • Make unlimited profits – add unlimited businesses-
  • Create unlimited beautiful, mobile-friendly & fast-loading landing pages
  • Fully customizable, drag and drop WYSIWYG editor that needs zero designing or tech skills
  • 300+ battle-tested, done-for-you templates to build high converting landing pages, funnels & popups fast & easy.
  • Store & share business files securely together with your clients & team members
  • Manage leads, monitor lead info & timely behavior data to research your audience for better results
  • Get connected with your favorite tools
  • Automatic & free SSL encryption for security
  • Add unlimited team members – your ultimate business builder

Last thoughts and conclusion

MaxMailz is definitely great software, you want to own it as soon as possible. Before your opponent does.

This is great software, for a perfect price. It is completely different from the products out there. You really want to make extra cash with this powerful product within the right market at the proper time with their discount offers. You can now use this MaxMailz software to battle your competitors!

You have finally reached rock bottom line in my MaxMailz Review.

Sincere thanks for reading the review. I hope this review will assist you to make the simplest decision for your business. I know you’d like this software directly, so I don’t waste a while and end the review here. Try MaxMailz now, I am sure you will love it.

PS! If you purchase this product on my review, you’ll get 24/7 support from me. This means you’ll contact me whenever you get in trouble. Or I can help you contact the author support team. Please contact me via this email address (

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  • I will send all the bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait for your bonus.

Thanks for reading the MaxMailz Review.

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