MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review - FREE, targeted video traffic in under 24 hours?
MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review – FREE, targeted video traffic in under 24 hours?

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review – FREE, targeted video traffic in under 24 hours?

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

Are you looking for a MyTrafficJacker 2.0? Please check my of the MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review. I will show you the good benefits of this product.


Turning 9 bucks into 1,500. No many strategies that allow you to get those kinda numbers. However, there’s one strategy that allows you to do exactly that!

Got an idea of what it can be?

It’s domain flipping!

Yup, finding the right domain that you can pick up for under 10 bux and flip it right away. It’s still one of the most lucrative strategies that marketers use to get big paydays!

“Ok, but how do I find the RIGHT domain?”

Well, it’s actually a 3-step process.

  • First – you want to make sure it’s an aged domain meaning it’s been around for a while.
  • Secondly – you want to make sure it’s an aged a domain that still has an active backlink from an authority site…

That’s a real winner…

– An aged domain
– that has an ACTIVE authority backlink!

  • Third – you want to make sure it’s expired so you can pick it up for 10 bux or less.

But how do you find this kind of goldmine domain?

Well, a new platform has just been released that finds these kinds of domains FOR YOU! MyTrafficJacker 2.0 allows you to find expired domains that STILL have active backlinks from Wikipedia, BBC, Quora, or YouTube!

And you can pick up these domains for 10 bux or less!

Ji Hyun did this exact thing and she turned 9 bux into 1,500 from just ONE domain flip! (you’ll see her testimonial on the order page)

And if you don’t feel like flipping the domain.

– you can quickly get page 1 rankings by turning it into a niche site
– you can redirect the traffic from that domain to ANY offer you’d like
– you can redirect it to an EXISTING site that you have to PASS THROUGH the authority
– you can use it as a PBN site to rank OTHER sites and/or videos
– and much much more.

P.S. Can you imagine how powerful it would be to pick up a domain for 10 bux that still has a LIVE link from Wikipedia? Or from Quora? Or the BBC?

Or a live link from the description area of a YouTube video that is still getting hundreds or even thousands of views a day? Yup, there are SOOO some ways that you simply can use this platform to urge some massive results.

Note, if you buy this product via the link in my review, you’ll receive some special rewards from me worth up to $ 50,000. It can work with MyTrafficJacker 2.0, helping your business go further in the future.

Scroll right down to see subsequent a part of my review, I will be able to show you ways great this product is.

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review – Overview

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

Creator: Joshua Zamora
Product:MyTrafficJacker 2.0
Launch Date:2020-Jun-12
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $37
Sale Page:Click here
Guarantee:30 days money-back guarantee
Recommend:100% recommend

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

What is MyTrafficJacker 2.0?

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 is their newly Super-Charged, and 100% unique web-app that will allow you to… Get free Targeted-Traffic and Earn Affiliate Commissions in 24 hours or less by Legally Hijacking Traffic And Authority From 4 of the most important Sites Online.

Yup, I said 4 of the most important sites on the online, Which Are:

  • YouTube – Check!
  • Wikipedia – Check!
  • Quora – Check!
  • BBC – Check!

Once you get your hands on this web-app, you will be able to start legally hijacking domains from two of the BIGGEST sites online and getting traffic and sales in as little as 24 hours:

  • WITHOUT having to make or rank any videos
  • WITHOUT having to create a website
  • WITHOUT having to pay a DIME for traffic
  • Heck, you won’t even need to have a hosting account!

Don’ hesitate to check out the next parts of this MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review – Key Features

Let’s now take a better check out ALL the features packed into MyTrafficJacker 2.0

Unlimited Keyword and Niche Research

Here you’ll be ready to search and find a vast amount of keywords and niches that you simply can hijack in. You can input just ONE MAIN keyword, and MyTrafficJacker 2.0 will INSTANTLY display OTHER related keywords you may not have thought of.

Easily Hijack Traffic And Authority From Wikipedia

Once you recognize what niche or keyword you would like to look for, you will be ready to instantly set MyTrafficJacker to start out trying to find available domains for you supported your keyword. Imagine how powerful it’s getting to be to select up domains that also have LIVE links from Wikipedia!

Easily Hijack Traffic And Authority From YouTube

Not only are they integrated with Wikipedia, but they’re also integrated with the 2nd BIGGEST search engine on the internet. With MyTrafficJacker 2.0, you’ll be able to INSTANTLY start hijacking other people’s video traffic and redirecting that traffic ANYWHERE you’d like!

Easily Hijack Traffic And Authority From BBC

Yup, with their 2.0 release, they wanted to travel big or go home! And they’ve delivered BIG! You can NOW hijack expired domains that are STILL posted on BBC! Yes, that’s short for British Broadcasting Corporation: one among the most important News sites on the web today covering stories from everywhere the planet altogether sorts of niches! This is the type of site people FIGHT to urge published on, however; armed with MTJ, you’ll get on there within MINUTES!

Easily Hijack Traffic And Authority From Quora

I’m sure you’ve landed on Quora a couple of times in your lifetime, right? Yes, of course. It’s just one of the most important sites on the web. It’s a simple site: Users have an issue, they post it on quora, the community of experts (as well as other users) can reply thereto question to the best of their abilities – Plus they will include LINKS in their responses. And THAT’S where MTJ comes in. A ton of those replies have domains that have expired and are able to be snatched up by you for $10 or less. And Quora ranks very high for plenty of keywords, so you will be ready to enjoy all of that!

Hands-Free Domain Checker

They didn’t want you to have to leave their app for anything, so they built an automatic domain checker right into their hijacking algorithm. With the push of only one button, you’ll instantly see what videos or pages have broken links AND know if a website is out there to hijack or not.

Unlimited One-Click Domain Purchasing

Again, this comes right down to being as efficient as possible. They integrated with the API’s of both Godaddy and Namecheap so that with just ONE-CLICK available domains get added DIRECTLY to your cart with the push of just ONE-BUTTON! This will make sure you never miss out on an available domain!

Fully Control The Age of the Videos you would like to be Delivered To You

When using their YouTube hijacker, you’ll be ready to look for videos supported once they were uploaded. Most people purchase domains for less than a year, so just imagine what percentage more videos you’ll find once you go deeper into older videos!

Search By Relevance or by Views

This will allow you to get even more targeted on the videos you would like MyTrafficJacker to deliver to you. You’ll be ready to control whether you would like videos supported the relevance of your keyword or supported the number of views.

Add Or Remove Domains To Skip From The Results

The last item you would like is to possess MyTrafficJacker display domains that you’ve already hijacked or domains that aren’t yet available. Here you’ll be ready to add or remove domains from the search results to make sure you’re ALWAYS getting unique domains you’ll hijack.

Ability to Export data in CSV Files

They understand that they will have some power users who prefer to sort through their pot of gold locally. This feature is for you. Here you’ll be ready to download any and everyone results to your local computer and type through all the info quickly and simply.

And much much more! They have a ton of other amazing features, plus A LOT more to come!

About the creator

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 was created by Joshua Zamora and his partner Paul Venables. If you work in the marketing field, you must be no stranger to the name Joshua Zamora.

He is the one standing behind multiple 6-figure launches in recent years and simultaneously he has been showing up in many Top 10 Leaderboards as an undefeatable affiliate.

His name is certainly not strange if you have been in the IM space long enough. Specifically, he is the top 1% salesman and makes nearly thousands of online sales. This time, Joshua Zamora decided to launch MyTrafficJacker 2.0 which I am sure you will love it.

How Does it Use?

With MyTrafficJacker 2.0 they Simplified it Into 4 Simple Steps

  • Step #1: Input Your Target Keyword

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

Their powerful built-in keyword engine will allow you to turn ONE keyword into DOZENS of keywords that you may not have thought of, so you can NEVER run out of niches and keywords to hijack for.

  • Step #2: Select Whether You Want To HiJack From YouTube, Wikipedia, BBC or Quora

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

This could be a troublesome choice since they’re all very powerful and highly-authoritative sites, but it’s as simple as making your choice.

  • Step #3: Hit “Start” And Let MyTrafficJacker Get to figure For You

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

In this step, MyTrafficJacker will start scouring either YouTube or Wikipedia to seek out available domains that you simply can immediately register for as little as $10.

  • Step #4: Register the Domains And Redirect

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

Once you choose up the domains that MyTrafficJacker Finds you’ll be ready to immediately redirect that traffic and authority anywhere you want!

Getting near-INSTANT traffic and earning passive commissions from OTHER people’s efforts, has never been very easy.

  • You don’t need to create videos
  • You don’t need to rank videos
  • You don’t need to pay for any ads
  • You don’t have to create websites if you don’t want to
  • You don’t need to do any SEO if you do not want
  • Heck, you don’t even need your own YouTube Channel OR a hosting account!

Who should use it?

I think MyTrafficJacker 2.0 perfectly fits with people who are working as:

  • Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Online Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses
  • Make money online

And Much More.

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review

Why should you buy it?

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 allows you to turn a profit in 24 hours or less by legally hijacking free, targeted traffic, and authority from 4 of the biggest sites online.

This new platform finds you expired domains that are still posted on Wikipedia, YouTube BBC, or Quora that you can snatch up for under 10 bucks…

And the best part is the…

Once you’ve got these domains, you’ll literally redirect the traffic ANYWHERE you would like. Or use those domains to send massive authority and link juice to any niche site or video that you simply want to rank.

This is soo powerful that these guys put together a case study of how they hijacked a website and got some near-instant traffic and moola in their pocket!

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 allows you to:

  • leverage the huge authority of Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC or Quora for FAST traffic and rankings
  • find expired domains on YouTube
  • find expired domains on Wikipedia
  • find expired domains on BBC
  • find expired domains on Quora
  • set reminders for domains that are close to expiring so you’ll be first in line to select them up

And much much more…

This is a primary TIME anyone has been ready to TRULY leverage the authority of Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC, and Quora to urge massive traffic AND authority for ANY website or video.

P.S. One of the Fastest ways that users are using this strategy to turn a profit is to IMMEDIATELY redirect the traffic from these expired domains to an affiliate offer.

Others have quickly flipped their domains for thousands..(one user turned 9 bux into 1,500) And others turn the domains into a PBN so they can quickly rank their OTHER sites or videos.

Bonus from the author

Note, these are just some rewards from the author. My great reward will appear at the highest of this review.

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review Bonus

Evaluation And Price

This is a strictly LIMITED TIME discounted offer! The price will jump significantly – likely to $97 in the near future… The big discount on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this special offer during launch. In, fact if you exit immediately and are available back later, you’ll end up pay more!

Here are details on the worth and a few upgrades of this product:


Gives your customers full access to our MTJ platform to quickly and simply find expired domains that are still posted on Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC, and Quora and permit them to “one-click” buy them on NameCheap of Godaddy. This will be for a one-time payment for a particular # of credits at a huge discount. Starting at $33 for the first 6 hours and then dimesale kicks in.

OTO 1: PRO Plus Edition ($47/Mo)

Here customers will be able to lock in their discounted rate on credits for only $1. This will then automatically renew every 30 days, in order that they always have credits to be ready to hijack domains with.

They’re also getting two VERY powerful, extra bonuses, which incorporates unlocking ALL the new sites that we add within the future. We’re constantly looking for NEW sites that we can hijack on and we’ll be adding them as we go.

I’m talking about sites like, Reddit, Medium, etc.. And lastly, they’re getting BONUS credits every single month only for taking action on this offer.

OTO 2: MTJ Academy ($27)

On this MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review page they want to give you the chance to unlock not one, not two but three, (yes THREE) LIVE, step-by-step case studies where you can watch over our should as they discover, buy and redirect high-quality domains during a matter of MINUTES. You’ll be able to see EVERY step in the process.

  • From how their thought process works when running searches
  • What niche and product-type they decided to travel after and WHY
  • How they evaluate videos we would like to potentially hijack
  • How they choose the products they want to promote
  • And finally how they redirect that traffic on to an affiliate offer to start out generating some quick commissions.

OTO 3: Trifecta Upgrade ($67)

And on this section of MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review, I have a VERY special, 3-part offer that is going to SUPER-CHARGE the way you use MyTrafficJacker! You’re going to be able to unlock 3 additional, but optional, advanced features that will allow you to automate a BIG portion of the “work” inside of our platform.

You’re going to be able to unlock our Auto-Search feature, our Affiliate-Spy feature AND our SubJackers Feature so you can SKYROCKET the profit that you put in your pocket while leveraging automation to free up your time!

OTO 4: MTJ + SyndLab + Syndbuddy Special Bundle ($47)

Here they’ll be giving customers a really special offer to our SyndLab + SyndBuddy syndication platforms which allows them to quickly “boost” up their newly acquired domains with powerful social syndication and social sharing.

OTO 5: Elite Edition ($47/quarter)

You see, not only have we developed a strong software for legally getting traffic from Wikipedia and YouTube, they’ve been ready to take things a step further with what they’ve called their Elite Level!

And on this MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review page, you’ll be able to unlock our Elite Level – which is a set of 3 additional and very powerful features that are already built-in to MyTrafficJacker. These 3 additional features are designed to let you… steal more traffic, hijack more domains, and earn more commissions without having to try any additional work!

Last thoughts and conclusion

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 is definitely a great product, you want to own it as soon as possible. Before your opponent does.

This is a great product, for a perfect price. It is completely different from the products out there. You really want to form extra money with this powerful product within the right market at the proper time with their discount offers. You can now use this MyTrafficJacker 2.0 to get a cash bank instantly!

You have finally reached the bottom line in my MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review.

Sincere thanks for reading the review. I hope this review will help you make the simplest decision for your business. I know you’ll like this product directly, so I don’t waste time and end the review here. Try MyTrafficJacker 2.0 now!

PS! If you buy this product on my review, you will get 24/7 support from me. This means you will contact me whenever you get in trouble. Or I can help you contact the author support team. Please contact me via this email address ( 

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Thanks for reading the MyTrafficJacker 2.0 Review.


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