Takeaway Takeover Review - Restaurant Owners Need Your Urgent Help!
Takeaway Takeover Review

Takeaway Takeover Review – Restaurant Owners Need Your Urgent Help!

Takeaway Takeover Review – Restaurant Owners Need Your Urgent Help!

Takeaway Takeover Review

Are you looking for a Takeaway Takeover? Please check my of the Takeaway Takeover Review. I will show you the great benefits of this product.


For most people, when they want to offer a valuable service that restaurant owners need right now, they have to do either of these two things:

1. Develop software and graphics suitable for restaurants themselves from scratch

2. Or choose a different local niche

It was my situation too until I spotted a better option.

Yes, I saw a Service that can Offer That Restaurant Owners Actually Urgently Need Right Now. It was amazing, and that’s why I said I must recommend it to you.

Go here to see all the details of this revolutionary Service. While you may have heard of, or even seen similar services, this one stands out from the pack.

It’s actually the only service right now that I Offer Restaurant Owners because it is a Complete Affordable Online Food Ordering And Marketing System.

That’s actually the part that got me hooked. So if You Are Looking For A Quality Service to Offer Restaurants That They Actually Need Right Now Then Takeaway Takeover is What You Have Been Waiting For.

Note, if you buy this product via the link in my review, you will receive some special rewards from me worth up to $ 50,000. It can work with Takeaway Takeover, helping your business go further in the future.

Scroll down to see the next part of my review, I will show you how great this product is.

Takeaway Takeover Review – Overview

Takeaway Takeover Review

Creator: Tony Earp
Product:Takeaway Takeover
Launch Date:2020-Sep-29
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price:$27
Sale Page:Click Here
Guarantee:30 days money-back guarantee
Recommend:100% recommend

Takeaway Takeover Review

What is Takeaway Takeover?

Takeaway Takeover is a complete marketing kit for Agencies providing marketing services to the Food & Beverage industry and suitable for Restaurant Owners / Managers to run their own marketing campaigns and Takeaway / Booking Services.

What makes Takeaway Takeover a ‘must buy’ product is the SaaS Ordering and Booking System that comes with the amazing set of marketing graphics.

It’s another value-added system… you can comfortably use it when reaching out to restaurants. Local owners and store managers need you right now as their marketing guidance counselor.

Takeaway Takeover is made up of 3 key components that combined are super powerful.

  1. Client Acquisition Training
  2. Beautiful Pro Designed, Print Ready and Social Media Graphic Marketing Packs For The Top 12 Takeaway Food Cuisines
  3. Access to A Complete Easy To Use Quality Online Food Ordering System

In the details, Takeaway Takeover is a Brand New TOP-Quality Product that you get a developer license to so you can use all the content on your own projects or client’s projects.

It’s a Social Media Graphic and Print Ready Graphics Package, that is very easy to use and edit using only PowerPoint. Client Acquisition Training and Access To a Quality Online Food Ordering System + Bonuses.

This is a valuable service that restaurant owners need your help with right now. Very easy to use and implement for both you and the restaurant. No more trying to offer local restaurant business services they do not understand like SEO etc.

With countless eateries having to re-align themselves with the current situation to survive it provides a fantastic solution. The package offers local marketers an opportunity to truly solve the urgent needs of all restaurant owners.

Included, is a huge array of top-class graphics and marketing materials for every cuisine you can think of and a complete online ordering system with training.

You will be getting:

  • Module #1: 48 Hour Client Machine Video Training Module
  • Module #2: 12 Pro Designed Graphic Marketing Packs
  • Module #3: Beginner and Advanced PowerPoint Video Training
  • Module #4: Access To Complete Online Food Ordering System
  • Module #5: Full Online Food System Video Training
  • Module #6: Agency Promo Tools Pack
  • Developer License
  • Webinar
  • Top Class Support
  • BONUS: Quality Restaurant Theme

If you own/run a food business or own an Agency supporting the food industry, this is a must-have product to help this industry survive post-COVID-19.

Takeaway Takeover Review – Key Features

Food Ordering System

You, Will, Get Access To a Complete Easy to Use Online Food Ordering Solution… An online ordering system for takeaway, delivery, order ahead & table reservations in one solution!

This online food ordering and delivery system centralize all pick-up, delivery & dine-in orders, so you can easily be in full control of what functionality you offer restaurant businesses.

Clients can take unlimited orders from there website, Facebook page, or mobile app. With this complete restaurant ordering system, you can start taking online orders within minutes, straight from your

  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • And mobile app

It’s easy to boost a restaurant’s profits & save on food portal commission fees when you use this powerful ordering system.

Restaurants Can Accept incoming orders on the fly. From any smartphone. The restaurant just downloads the restaurant order taking app on their own smartphone & confirm orders in one tap of the screen.

With the “Table Reservation” + “Order ahead” features, the restaurants hungry customers can easily book a table & pre-order their favorite dishes. Fill more empty seats with the promise of…

  • Skipping waiting times
  • Customers having their favorite foods ready to be served upon their arrival

More and more customers want to pick up their food & enjoy it in the comfort of their own home. This system enables you to create a great customer user experience, by enabling customers to choose the time when they want to pick up their takeaway food.

12 Graphic Packages

Print Ready and Social Media Graphics For The Top 12 Cuisines

  • Cuisine #1: Chinese Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #2: Thai Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #3: Italian Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #4: Caribbean Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #5: Sushi Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #6: Indian Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #7: Kebab Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #8: Mexican Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #9: Cafe Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #10: Burger Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #11: Pizza Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Marketing Pack
  • Cuisine #12: Southern Fried Chicken Print Ready & Social Media Graphic Pack

Client Acquisition Training

The author will show you how to land Recurring Paying Restaurant Clients. Complete Setup And Monetization Video Training Included:

  1. Introduction:
  2. Explanation of the Entire Platform:
  3. How to Best Monetize The Software:
  4. Using The Software as a Foot in The Door Service:
  5. Complete Overview of The Online Food Ordering System
  6. The Upgrade Options That Are Available to Restaurants
  7. The Included Website & GMB analyzer
  8. Branding and Customization
  9. How to Set Up a DEMO and Get Familiar With All the Functionality
  10. Overview of the Dashboard and Additional Tutorials
  11. How to Show Examples of What You Can do to Clients to Impress Them Right From the Start

Agency Tools Promo Pack

Lead Gen Page, Brochure & PPT Presentation to Pre Sell Restaurants

Takeaway Takeover Review

Why should you buy it?

Restaurants desperately need help to pivot successfully and make their services visually appealing to their customers, this is where Takeaway Takeover comes in.

I’ve checked it out, and I can tell you one thing: It’s the best service out there right now that can help Restaurants get new customers and stop losing existing customers.

Created to address the Marketing needs of an impressive variety of local Restaurants, Takeaway Takeover is the answer to a problem that seemed so overwhelming before No need to scour online for Designers, scriptwriters, image creators and try to put it all together

On top of that the graphics packs are outstanding these alone are worth the price of entry. Your restaurant clients will love you for helping them.

The only thing not included is a free sample meal from my Local Takeaway, but I guess I could even work on that by using these assets to create an awesome looking set of creatives for them.

It will help you offer a valuable service that restaurant owners actually need right now. It’s the best service out there right now that can help restaurants get new customers and stop losing existing customers.

Help restaurants thrive not just survive, or even worse go out of business!

The timing on this is perfect as there are a TON of restaurants/eateries out there currently hanging on by a thread due to the Pandemic slowdown and offering them some great, easily edited, print-ready, marketing pkgs is a perfect “foot in the door” offer.

Not only are you getting these excellent printables to sell but you get the tried/trusted methods to find and CLOSE your new clients… Win/Win/Win for everyone!

I have had reasonable success in this area and my biggest time-consuming problem is always graphics for menus and table cards Tony has this covered. Tony’s system has everything covered and I mean everything. It’s a takeaway with the works.

Get new restaurant clients every week offering recurring service restaurant owners urgently need right now! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity, take action now or you will kick yourself later for letting it go.

Most importantly, the service lives up to its promise of helping you offer a valuable service to restaurant owners they need right now in just days. And so I recommend it 100%.

Tony is a MASTER at delivering high-quality products that tick all the boxes! High-quality, easy-to-use, top-notch support. Takeaway Takeover is no exception to this rule and once again, Tony delivers the most needed solution in the current market.

So if you have been looking for quality service to offer restaurants that they actually need right now then takeaway takeover is what you have been waiting for.

Evaluation And Price

This is a strictly LIMITED TIME discounted offer! The price will jump significantly – likely to $97 in the near future… The big discount on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this special offer during launch. In, fact if you exit immediately and are available back later, you’ll find yourself pay more!

Here are details on the price and a couple of upgrades of this product:

Front-end: Takeaway Takeover ($27)

How local marketing consultants are reeling in big-ticket recurring restaurant clients fast offering this new done for you & high demand local marketing service that restaurants desperately need & want right now!

OTO 1: Second Color of the FE Graphics & The Animated Versions ($37)

  • Second Color of All 12 Cuisine Graphic Marketing Packs.
  • The Animated Versions of the Social Media Graphic Marketing Packs For All 12 Cuisines.
  • Ready-Made For You to Offer Restaurant Owners a Service They Urgently Need Today.
  • All the PSD Files to The Social Media Graphic Marketing Packs For All 12 Cuisines.
  • Very Easy to Use and Edit Using PowerPoint.

OTO 2: LoyaltyX Software & Training ($67)

Let them teach you very easily how to offer and set up loyalty pages and campaigns where restaurant customers can sign up and earn points. Suitable for every business, not just restaurants… All for a crazy-low one-time payment

Here is What is Included in loyalty

  • loyalty Software: Get a Reseller Account So You Can Set Up Loyalty Programs For Your Clients
  • Training: They Will Show You Exactly How to Set Up Loyalty Programs for Clients
  • Documentation: They Also Have Easy To Understand Documentation to Help You as Well
  • Recurring Service: LoyaltyX Software Perfectly compliments Takeaway Takeover.

Last thoughts and conclusion

Takeaway Takeover is definitely a great product, you want to own it as soon as possible. Before your opponent does.

This is a great product, for a perfect price. It is completely different from the products out there. You really want to make extra cash with this powerful product within the right market at the proper time with their discount offers. You can now use this Takeaway Takeover to get a cash bank instantly!

You have finally reached the bottom line in my Takeaway Takeover Review.

Sincere thanks for reading the review. I hope this review will help you make the simplest decision for your business. I know you want this product right away, so I don’t waste time and end the review here. Try Takeaway Takeover now!

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Thanks for reading the Takeaway Takeover Review.


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