Traffic Cloud Review - Unlimited Viral Traffic & Sales In 1 Click?
Traffic Cloud Review

Traffic Cloud Review – Unlimited Viral Traffic & Sales In 1 Click?

Traffic Cloud Review – Unlimited Viral Traffic & Sales In 1 Click?

Traffic Cloud Review

Are you looking for the Traffic Cloud? Please check my of the Profit Tearz Review. I will show you the great benefits of this product.


You’ll know that social networks have been the best web traffic source of real human visitors for the last 10+ years…

They are proven to get results. However, the difficulty that most marketers face when driving traffic from social media is figuring out what kind of content to post, and then undertaking the extremely laborious task of uploading and posting that content on a continual basis.

After all… you didn’t choose to start an online business so you could spend 8-10 hours per day glued to your laptop doing repetitive and tedious tasks, right? You could hire a social media manager to perform those tasks for you. However, hiring a decent social media manager will cost you an arm and leg! Take a look at what they are charging…

Traffic Cloud Review

Pretty expensive right?

And that’s why most marketers, even if they are making good money, will give up… Because boring manual labor or paying through the nose to hire expensive social media managers isn’t getting to offer you the satisfaction, time, or freedom that you simply desire as a web entrepreneur…

What If You Could Unleash The Power Of Social Media To Get All The Traffic You’ll Ever Need… At Just A Push Of A Button?

  • Imagine grabbing UNLIMITED targeted traffic from MULTIPLE Social Networking Platforms
  • WITHOUT paying for ads or social media experts.
  • Engage these A-level potential customers to like never before – block people from their news feed and get them to click on your offers.
  • Finally – getting this wiped out just MINUTES – for ongoing, profitable traffic campaigns you’ll run to ANY site or offer in ANY niche.

Well, all that stops right now… I have something seriously cool for you coming live on the 4th of May, 2020 @10 AM EST!

A brand new software + training that shows you how to get unlimited FREE viral traffic, leads, sales & profits in 5 minutes flat…

It’s called TrafficCloud and it will allow you to…

[+] Choose from Billions of searchable Visual Assets
[+] Create unlimited traffic magnets
[+] Make them click-able via embedding links
[+] Share them on 3 major social networking giants
[+] Effectively drive users to your offers/site in minutes
[+] Say goodbye to paid ads, social media managers, and expensive visuals!

And what if I was to tell you the majority of this is automated…

Interested? But that’s not the best part…

The best part is – they are offering Agency Rights as well. Means you can start your own 6-figure traffic agency business in just minutes… Without doing anything manually! Well, they are about to launch Traffic Cloud on launch special discounted price for a very limited time. And I want to make sure you’re one of the first people to sign up so you can get it at the lowest price.

Note, if you purchase this product via my link, you will receive a special reward package from me worth up to $ 50,000. It can work with Traffic Cloud, helping your business go further in the future.

Scroll down to check out the next part of my review, I’ll show you how awesome this software is like this.

Traffic Cloud Review – Overview

Traffic Cloud Review

Creator:Eric Holmlund et al
Product:Traffic Cloud
Launch Date:2020-May-04
Launch Time:09:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27
Sale Page:Click here
Guarantee:30 days money-back guarantee
Recommend:100% recommend

Traffic Cloud Review

What is Traffic Cloud?

Traffic Cloud is a breakthrough software that solves major traffic problems by driving 100% FREE viral traffic from six different social media giants -, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest,& Imgur.

It allows users to create or edit unlimited posts from its massive collection of visual assets (images, quotes, GIFs), makes them click-able by embedding your links and sharing them across all six social networking platforms – with just a few clicks.

Those engaging click-able posts act as traffic magnets that stand-out and get the desired clicks – effectively driving users to your sites/offers and turn them into potential customers. Along with instant sharing, you can also schedule your posts to post anytime in the future as well as we have detailed analytics feature to give you clear stats of likes and comments you are receiving post-wise.

Thus solving your major traffic issues without…

  • Paying for ads
  • Painfully slow SEO
  • Hiring a social media manager or
  • Doing all the manual labor yourself

You will love it:

[+]  4 Billion+ Images & 20K+ Gifs with post creator to create ultra-engaging posts that get clicks
[+]  1200+ searchable viral quotes to create compelling posts in minutes
[+]  AUTOMATE the posting of traffic-getting targeted posts to your social media accounts
[+] Make your posts clickable by embedding links into them and drive traffic directly to your offers/site
[+]From right inside the dashboard, share unlimited post instantly across social networks or schedule to share later
[+] Get detailed analytics of shared campaigns to get a clear picture of what’s getting results
[+] Engage social media users with stunning VISUAL content at the drop of a hat
[+] Enjoy ongoing, targeted traffic within minutes of launching any campaign

What Makes Traffic Cloud Much Better Than Anything Else?

It creates stunning VISUAL posts that GRAB attention and ENGAGE viewers. It then posts them FOR FREE – on MULTIPLE social platforms! The software is so effective because it engages social media users with VISUAL content that can’t be ignored… turning the average 8-second attention span into your NEW BFF!

Twitter – 145 Million Daily Active Users

  • Tweets with images earned up to 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more favorites, and 150 percent more retweets, Buffer reported.

LinkedIn – 303 Million Active Monthly User

  • LinkedIn visuals are said to be FIVE TIMES more likely than any other content type to ignite a conversation.

Blogger – Over 1 Million+ websites using Blogger worldwide.

  • This is a massive traffic source largely untapped by digital marketers.
  • Blogger is owned by GOOGLE, which means it’s a backdoor for getting Google search rankings and Google image traffic.

They removed all the obstacles so you get viral social traffic…

Traffic Cloud Review – Key Features

Get All The Traffic-Driving Features Inside ONE Dashboard… Everything you would like Is Included!!!

  • 2 Billion+ Searchable Images

Choose the perfect picture for your posts from over 2 Billion+ Royalty-Free images. All are searchable using keywords for your niche or topic. Quickly find stunning and interesting visuals for posts that stop feed-scrollers& get the clicks.

  • 20K+ GIFs

Captivate your social media users with attractive animations. Choose from 20K+ searchable GIFs and customize them with text to spice up clicks and engagement. These are the perfect format for monetizing your best offers and promoting flash sales on Twitter.

  • Click Technology

Traffic Cloud will turn all your posts into clickable links by embedding your URL in it, so the clicks will take visitors to any site or offer you want! Forget asking users to ‘check the comments’ for links, & instead turn more readers into clicks, and more visitors into customers.

  • Post Creator/Editor

Create or customize the look of unlimited posts with their ‘point-and-click’ simple built-in editor. Stand out from the competition with 100% unique posts that reflect your brand & offers.

  • Auto Publisher

No more changing tabs or doing the manual posting. From right inside one dashboard share your stunning posts across three powerful traffic-getting social networks – Twitter, LinkedIn & Blogger… with just one click!

  • Set-&-Forget Scheduler

Schedule your post to share later – anytime within the future. This powerful feature allows you to setup traffic-driving campaigns beforehand, on your schedule… to urge the visitors you would like to your offers, exactly once you need them.

  • Detailed Analytics

Get detailed analytics of each campaign you’re running from right inside the dashboard. Know the exact number of likes and comments you have received on every post and determine what’s working and what’s not

What’s Even Better… AGENCY RIGHTS!

Every online entrepreneur needs traffic to survive and most of them are struggling to get it. It’s no wonder most marketers are readily paying thousands of dollars for paid advertisements just to see a trickle of traffic. These millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners are ready and happy to pay you to help them with their traffic problems.

You just have to give a few minutes of your time and in return, you’ll get nice sized paychecks for the steady influx of traffic you create for your clients. There are different sized small businesses with different sized marketing budgets. You can charge $100 – $10k per client and they will be happy to pay you because they’re already planning to spend this money on advertising.

Check Out What Some Typical Social Media Managers Are Charging…

Traffic Cloud Review

Think about it…
You could be the one charging this, receiving that much money again and again and again!

With Agency Rights for TrafficCloud, You Could Make a 6-Figure Income By Selling Traffic Services To Your Clients!

  • Sell Traffic Services To Local Clients 

Local businesses like gyms, restaurants, salons, bars, hotels, car dealerships, events, service-based businesses, and much more all want to attract new customers but don’t have the time or skills to increase their online presence.

They need your help to increase their social media engagement to bring new customers and keep existing customers long term. With Traffic Cloud you can solve their common problems with just a few clicks and get paid well for it.

  • Sell Traffic Services Online 

There is always an exceptional demand for social media marketers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer. These freelancers make from $26 – $197 per hour generating traffic and creating social media content.

With the ability to create an unlimited amount of viral traffic for any site or offer, you can sell this as a traffic service to clients online for A LOT less than they would spend on PPC or other paid advertising options.

Your clients will pay you happily considering the results you are generating for them using Traffic Cloud. Again, Traffic Cloud does most of the work for you, so you actually deliver results in just minutes of your time and create multiple income streams and recurring paychecks.

Give prospects & clients the ONE thing they need-TRAFFIC! Charge any amount you would like and keep 100% of the profits!

Grab their Agency License and you can potentially create a full-time income in LESS than a few hours each month!

WARNING: This option of Agency Rights Rights is out there for a really limited time. If you leave and return later this feature will be no longer available.

All that remains for you to do is to grab yourself a cup of coffee and let the magic begin with their innovative tool. Click on the BUY button now and get instant access!

Traffic Cloud Review

About the creator

Traffic Cloud Review

Traffic Cloud created by Firelaunchers and Eric Holmlund. Firelaunchers is well known as the leading PLR creator/provider on the web. Their products are of good quality and sold over 50,000 sales on Jvzoo.

You can get to know more about their previous product by searching for their names such as Instagram Follower Magnet, Pinterest Profit Secrets, Facebook My Business, Twitter Profit Hacks, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Traffic Cloud Review and find out its features.

How Does it Use?

Share EYE-CATCHING Posts That Drive TargetedTraffic ANYWHERE You Want… And It Only Takes 3 Simple Steps To Do It!

  • Step #1: CREATE

Create an unlimited stunning image or GIF posts. Choose from Billions of visual assets with a simple keyword search. Customize them with our point-&-click editor by adding your own text or call to action.

  • Step  #2: EMBED

Add your links to send traffic to ANY offer or website. Your posts will be clickable to drive users from the social platforms directly to these offers or websites. Get all your traffic to the sites of your choice, including your clients’ sites if you’re using the Agency Licence.

  • Step #3: PUBLISH

Publish your post across multiple social networking platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn &Blogger) instantly or schedule to post later anytime in the future from right inside the dashboard.


That’s it. Just 3 steps. Just recline and watch these stunning visual posts stand out & get the clicks to send you free traffic, putting more leads, sales & profits in your pocket. Scaling up is as easy as “rinse and repeat”. That’s It!… No Steep Learning Curve Or 100 Page. Instruction Manual…Get Buyers Traffic Fast & Easy!

>> Watch Trafficcloud In Action <<


Who should use it?

I think Traffic Cloud perfectly fit with people who are working as:

  • Internet Marketers

Generate traffic to your new and existing product offers on autopilot, 100% FREE.

  • Affiliates Marketers

Promote your affiliate offers for product launches and top the affiliate contest boards with 24/7 campaigns.

  • Entrepreneurs

Turn new ideas into shareable, stunning visuals, and gather a customer base in minutes.

  • Website Owners

Boost your site’s traffic and social media presence with high-quality visuals.

  • Bloggers

Get more visitors reading your content, and keep them longer with eye-candy visuals.

  • Advertisers

Create & share striking, clickable visual ads for multiple businesses, in seconds.

  • Offline/Local Businesses

No more expensive freelancers and manual labor! Share traffic-siphoning marketing material in minutes.

  • Podcasters

Advertise your new episode with an eye-catching visual post across social networks and get people bombarding your pod feed.

  • Social Media Marketers

Get better results in less time by automating your content creation and sharing.

  • Ecommerce Store Owners

Get FREE buyers traffic for your products and get more sales.

Traffic Cloud Review

Traffic Cloud Review – Why should you buy it?

Perhaps you also know compelling high-quality images that always catch the attention of the audience. High-quality images are STANDARD right on your business because they are proven to attract attention and get the desired clicks.

And that’s why having your own intuitive, unique and fresh content available in no time has become such a WIDE problem? This is why you need Traffic Cloud.

Essentially, this is a cloud-based application that lets you create stunning posts from its vast, searchable visual asset collection (2 Billion + Images & 20K + GIFs), make them clickable by embedding your desired URLs, then posting immediately or schedule to post later on all 3 social networking platforms

Efficiently promote users to any site or offer in any location within minutes of launching your first campaign. It’s very fast, it’s very easy, and it works for anyone. No more worries about paid ads, expensive images, inconsistent posting, and low-quality content.

With Traffic Cloud, you will create new and attractive images every day with just a few clicks. In short, it empowers non-designers, like you, with engaging and high-converting content faster than ever before.

It attracts REAL people in your field with YOUR visual content, builds trust and engagement to help you get more profit in 4 easy steps.

  • Step 1: Choose your visual masterpiece
  • Step 2: Embed links to make them clickable
  • Step 3: Publish them on all social platforms
  • Step 4: Get crazy target traffic!

I’m afraid to post on social media because having unique posts every time is really tiring, not to mention quite expensive. But using this app, recording clickable and posted posts to social media is like a walk. And the traffic on these visual posts is driving me, really throwing everything else out of the water.

As a professional internet marketer, I can assure you that Traffic Cloud will definitely save you hundreds of dollars – from paid advertising, expensive social media managers, and properties. intuitive.

You can manage everything yourself (from creation to posting) with just a few clicks and without paying anything extra. In addition, you can easily earn handsome money with an Agency’s Rights license.

Traffic Cloud is a great solution for anyone interested in increasing traffic to their site, attracting more people, and enhancing their website visibility.

From Marketing Agencies, Social Media Marketers, bloggers, developers, e-commerce websites to all other small businesses – they will all benefit from using TrafficCloud as part of their social media strategy.

Evaluation And Price

They developed this software at a great cost, to eliminate all the heavy work needed to drive 100% free viral traffic from social media. You have the opportunity to piggyback on our hard work by purchasing this software today.

Not only can you get more leads, sales and profits, build your audience and brand without having to pay for advertising. But with our Affiliates Rights Option, it will also allow you to create a passive income stream without much effort.

They can charge you $ 997 right now and that would be a great deal because you can get that money back in just 1 day from a profitable social campaign or an affiliate client.

But they want to make you an offer you can’t refuse! And that is why they are providing it for an extremely low one-time investment. So don’t wait? Just press the “Buy” button below and hold this awesome software that will solve all your traffic problems!

Get instant access to Traffic Cloud now! When your order is complete, you will receive an immediate login to the email address you have chosen. To your unstoppable success!

Traffic Cloud Review

Below are price details and some upgrades for this software:

Front-end: TrafficCloud ($27)

Coupon code “TRAFFIC$2OFF” gives $2 Discount for the first 24 hours at the time of launch of Traffic Cloud.

  • Unleash consistent & CONVERTING traffic to your offers in just minutes
  • Tap into the potential of engaging visuals WITHOUT paying through the nose
  • Receive MORE targeted leads, MORE buyers & higher profits
  • Manage all your posts and social media accounts right from ONE DASHBOARD
  • Generate all the firepower of paid ads WITHOUT the cost
  • And Much More…

OTO 1: PRO Edition ($37)

Unlock the pro features of Traffic Cloud to MAXIMIZE your reach to additional millions of social media users – get laser-targeted traffic ‘on-demand’ to any website or offer in ANY niche in just seconds!

  • Automate posting on Tumblr, Pinterest & Imgur
  • Additional 2 Billion+ Images to explode your conversions
  • 1200+ searchable viral quotes in 13 different categories to create compelling posts in minutes
  • Advanced Automation using keywords
  • Multiply your leads, sales, and profits completely hands-free
  • With Agency rights to set-up a new income stream for you
  • Awesome 7 Fast-Action Bonuses to boost your results

With 7 Fast-Action Bonuses

  • Bonus#1: WooCommerce Membership Secrets
  • Bonus#2: Simple Social Expandable
  • Bonus#3: Social Media Automation
  • Bonus#4: Social Media Manager 2.0
  • Bonus#5: Periscope For Entrepreneurs
  • Bonus#6: Social Messaging Apps For Marketers Video Upgrade
  • Bonus#7: Peak Productivity Video Upgrade

OTO 2: Reseller License ($97)

  • Start Your Own 7-Figure Software Business
  • Use Our High Converting Sales Pages, Videos & Funnel
  • No Start-Up Or Maintenance Costs. No Technical Or Marketing Skills Required
  • Make Unlimited Sales With Our High Converting Material
  • We’ll take care of the support for all of your clients.

With 7 Fast-Action Bonuses

  • Bonus#1: Turbo Dynamic URL
  • Bonus#2: Shopify Traffic
  • Bonus#3: Keyword Research Ninja 2.0
  • Bonus#4: Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies Video Upgrade
  • Bonus#5: Backlinks Analyzer Softwares
  • Bonus#6: Modern Niche Marketing Video Upgrades
  • Bonus#7: Undercover Make Money Methods Softwares

Plus you get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Here, Pot Sweetener – Use their TrafficCloud for 30 days. If you take their Agency Rights, you can sell traffic as a service to other businesses. And you can keep all the profits you make from the traffic agency business. They know you will be blown away by the quick and easy way to get traffic and make money with TrafficCloud …

But at any time within 30 days of your purchase, if you feel that the Traffic Cloud is not meeting your expectations – just email them and they will return your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Makes Traffic Cloud So Effective In Getting Free Targeted Traffic?

The software gets you direct exposure to users on 3 powerful social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogger. The VISUAL posts the software generates are proven to engage at extremely high levels – you’ve already seen proof of that … AND the ease of use makes it simple to create & run traffic campaigns in minutes.

  • Who Should Use TrafficCloud?

TrafficCloudis a great solution for anybody interested in driving more traffic to their website, engaging more people, and boosting their site’s visibility. From Marketing Agencies, Social Media Marketers, bloggers, developers, e-commerce websites to all other small businesses – they will all benefit from usingTrafficCloud as part of their social media strategy.

  • Are Any Of My Social Media Accounts At Risk By Using This Software?

Not at all when used as instructed! We’ve worked hard to realize API approval with EACH and each social platform included. This means it’s a point & click simple to run traffic campaigns to these networks while keeping your accounts secure.

  • How Many Traffic Campaigns Can I Run?

Unlimited – you’ll run unlimited campaigns with TrafficCloud. There are no restrictions on our side.

  • Is There Any Training Included?

Yes, Completely! You don’t need any special designing skills or technical experience to work with Traffic Cloud and we have included step-by-step video tutorials to get you going in no time.

  • What Is Required To Use TrafficCloud?

TrafficCloud log-in details, internet connection, PC or laptop, and an existing account on all three social media platforms. All three of those platforms are free, and you can use it with only one or two if you prefer.

  • Will This Work On Mac And PC?

Yes, it doesn’t matter what operating system of the device you’re using. Traffic Cloud is straightforward to use and works seamlessly, with both Mac and PC whenever.

  • Do You Provide Support?

Yes! TrafficCloud is super easy to use, but if you face any issue ever, we’re right here. Send us an email to our support desk and we’ll help you ASAP!

  • What Is The Delivery Method Of TrafficCloud?

As soon as you purchase our innovative tool, you’ll receive an email with your membership link and log-in credentials. Once you log-into our control panel you are all set to use our software for projects.

  • Will TrafficCloud users be posting the same content?

No! You’ll be posting unique content because the options are limitless. You’ll have access to over 2 BILLIONimage assets. That’s more than any of us can use in a lifetime. Each post you make will be customized with your own text, plus we have many other customization options within Traffic Cloud for different colors, fonts, sizes, backgrounds, and more. In other words, no matter how many people use Traffic Cloud, you’ll be generating traffic with unique content.

  • Will some users abuse it and ruin it for everyone?

No! We’ve seen that happen time and time again on other people’s so-called traffic tools. We thought of that, and we created a system that is going to eliminate that from happening. We designed Traffic Cloud to use individual API access for each and every member. So if someone did something stupid like posting inappropriate or illegal content, they would only get themselves banned and no one else!

  • How much money can I make with this?

That’s a question that I can’t answer because I don’t know what you’re going to do with it. So you tell me, how much money can you make with a tool that drives free traffic? How much do you make from a sale of your product or service? If you’re an affiliate, how much commission can you make from what you’re promoting? There are no limits. You can probably make enough money from one sale of your own product, or from one affiliate commission to make your investment in Traffic Cloud worthwhile.

Last thoughts and conclusion

Traffic Cloud is definitely great software, you want to own it as soon as possible. Before your opponent does.

This is great software, for a perfect price. It is completely different from the products out there. You really want to make more money with this powerful product in the right market at the right time with their discount offers. You can now use this Traffic Cloud software to battle your competitors!

You have finally reached rock bottom line in my Traffic Cloud Review.

Sincere thanks for reading the review. I hope this review will assist you to make the simplest decision for your business. I know you would like this software directly, so I don’t waste some time and end the review here. Try Traffic Cloud now!

Lastly, if you buy this product through my link, you will get 24/7 support from me. This suggests you’ll contact me anytime you’ve got trouble using it otherwise you will contact the author’s support team. Please contact me via this email address ( I will be able to support you enthusiastically.

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Combining this product and my massive bonus pack, you’ll build yourself an automatic money-making machine immediately.




  • Step 1: Order any product through my site.

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  • Step 2: After your order is successful, send [the receipt id] to my email at or contact me on this page.
  • I will send all the bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait for your bonus.

Thanks for reading the Traffic Cloud Review.



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