AdScouter Review – Win at Facebook Ads without losing thousands

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AdScouter Review – Win at Facebook Ads without losing thousands
AdScouter Review – Overview
What is AdScouter?
AdScouter Review – Key Features
Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology
Find The Most Profitable Ads With Our Proprietary ProfitScore™
Largest Collection Of Tracked Ads
Object Detection & Text Detection AI That Uncovers Never-Seen-Before Ads
Find Ads Using Reverse Image Search
Filter Ads By Their Status
And many more other features (some of them are in development)
AdScouter offers great benefits that can hardly be found elsewhere:
About the creator
Why should you buy it?
How does it work?
Evaluation And Price
Front-end: AdScouter ($37)
OTO 1: AI Edition ($47)
OTO 2: PRO Edition ($97)
OTO 3: Agency Edition ($47)
OTO 4: AdCreator ($67)
Last thoughts and conclusion
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AdScouter Review – Win at Facebook Ads without losing thousands
AdScouter Review
Are you looking for an AdScouter? Please check my of the AdScouter Review. I will show you the great benefits of this product.

Imagine having at your fingertips your competitions very best, most profitable ads, and marketing campaigns.

Could you save yourself a lot of money, hassle, and time testing?

Yes! You could in fact simply reverse engineer your competitions very best campaigns and profit saving yourself thousands in testing… all while making more money faster.

Well, previously it wasn’t possible to get this data. It was hidden within Facebook.

But thanks to a new revolutionary technology called AdScouter this information can now be yours for a low one-time price. In fact, you can now simply run a search and locate your top competitors.

Save their best campaigns. Then reverse engineer those campaigns for your benefit or your clients.

All for a low one time cost.

Potentially saving you and your client’s thousands of dollars in testing, trialing, and more. AdScouter is a brand new software that goes live at 11 am EST on the 20th of October.

It gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. Saving you thousands of dollars, hours of hard work, and weeks of testing. Go here now to find out more and to see a demo of this incredible software in action.

Note, if you buy this product via the link in my review, you will receive some special rewards from me worth up to $ 50,000. It can work with AdScouter, helping your business go further in the future.

Scroll down to see the next part of my review, I will show you how great this product is.

AdScouter Review – Overview
AdScouter Review

Creator: Sam Bakker
Product: AdScouter
Launch Date: 2020-Oct-20
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $37
Sale Page: Click Here
Nice: General
Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee
Recommend: 100% recommend
AdScouter Review

What is AdScouter?
AdScouter is a whole new package with many significant features you cannot find elsewhere. To put it simply, AdScouter allows you to download your competitor’s Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and replicate them in a blink of an eye. Adscouter is the first-ever ads spy tool that leverages AI to uncover the most profitable and hidden Facebook Ads. Adscouter is packed with several unique & powerful features such as…

​​Sell To Businesses
​​Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology
​​Discover The Most Profitable Ads with our proprietary ProfitScore™
​​Search From Over 50M+ Ads
​​Discover Ads in Over 60+ Languages
​​Search For Objects and Text Within Images of Ads using AI
​​Discover Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Ads
​​Supports Image, Video, and Carousel Ads
​​Competitor Analysis
​​Search Through Active & Inactive Ads
​​See Landing Pages of All Ads
​​Unlimited Searches
And much more other:

1,200,000 Profitable Facebook Ads
Over 200,000 Profitable Facebook Video Ads
Over 50,000 Profitable Instagram Ads
Tons Of Mobile Ads
800,000 Dark Posts And Viral Niche Posts
Ads From 18+ New Countries Added In Last 1 Year
Tons Of Filters To Help You Find The Right Ad
Ability To Spy On Your Competitors And Get Update Every Time They Run A New Campaign
With AdScouter, there is no guesswork whether this plan may work or not. It shows you exactly what is being done and what you should do to get ahead of the game.

AdScouter Review – Key Features
Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology
AdScouter detects ads faster than any other software. We tap into a massive up to date library of ads that are constantly being updated, is reliable and accurate.

As ads are listed on Facebook we are able to detect them and list them within our AdScouter within a few hours on average.

Find The Most Profitable Ads With Our Proprietary ProfitScore™
The creators have developed a proprietary algorithm that accurately assesses campaign profitability.

You can instantly see how profitable a particular ad is vs another. Identify incredible opportunities to profit fast and never waste time tracking ads that aren’t profitable.
Highly Accurate Data

Their data is more accurate because it’s directly derived from Facebook. Unlike other software, we don’t rely on black hat methods. Instead, we use Facebook’s very own ad data in order to deliver the very best data to you.

Their in-house AI engine then scans the ad for keywords, images, and objects. It then lists the ad within the most relevant category ready for you to search.

Largest Collection Of Tracked Ads
Our database has compiled over 50 million ads in 60 different languages.

The database grows by a minimum of 30,000 ads per day. We have the biggest collection of ads ever compiled within our database.

This provides you with the very best ad insights available on the internet.

Object Detection & Text Detection AI That Uncovers Never-Seen-Before Ads
With the help of our state of the art object and text detection AI, your subscribers can find ads that have a specific object or text within the image of the ad.

This feature is extremely useful for finding hyper-relevant ads in any niche that was simply not possible before.

Find Ads Using Reverse Image Search
Uncover related ads to your chosen search. Our AI engine scans the image for similarities. It then finds similar ad campaigns to your chosen image.

You can use this incredible feature if you’re in eCommerce for example. Find other ads being run for a product featured in an image.

Filter Ads By Their Status
AdScouter is the only ad spy tool that helps you find ads that are active and running on Facebook and Instagram.

With the massive database of active ads, your subscribers can profit from the most up to date ads ever.

And many more other features (some of them are in development)
Search for profitable Facebook and Instagram ads
Search for viral posts that your competitors are using
Search for Shopify stores, products, and popular t-shirts on TeeSpring
Find offers for Amazon affiliates
Spy on Facebook and Instagram ads
Search for new niches
Find out the targeting group of audiences that your competitors are having
1,200,000 Profitable Facebook Ads to research from
200,000+ Database of Profitable Facebook Video ads
Search Right side, Videos, Newsfeed, Instagram, and mobile ads with detailed Targeting information.
Detailed Targeting information: Age, Gender, Ad spend, Ad Rank, Days running, Type of Ad (Retargeting, Lookalike audience, Targeting), Interests which gives you all the details if the ad is going well.
”Why I’m seeing this” feature – What type ads are using (Retargeting, Targeting campaigns) and what interests they’re using for their targeting campaigns. Also, the exact age ranges that the advertiser is targeting.
Massive database of Profitable and Engaging Instagram ads.
18+ countries added, including Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, India, France, and much more.
A ton of new ads filter including Placements, Industries, Emotions, Gender, Countries, and more.
Over a million profitable ads database and growing fast.
Completely new user experience and much more intuitive design.
Deep filtering like Placements, industries, sort by emoticons, gender, buttons, countries, type of targeting, sort by comments, and shares.
Facebook safe and compliant.
AdScouter offers great benefits that can hardly be found elsewhere:
Unlock the hidden formula
AdScouter identifies successful ads and helps you copy and paste. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to waste time, money as well as resources on irrelevant tests.

Unlock your competitors’ strategies
Getting an idea of what your competitors are doing with their campaigns such as technology or marketing strategies or fan pages and so forth. Isn’t it convenient to know what will work in the first place?

And last but not least, uncover the landing pages your competitors are using!
In short, AdScouter allows you to spy on:

Who: see who is running profitable Facebook and Instagram and their targeted customers.

What: see the products they are advertising.

Where: see the platforms they are promoting on, for example, sidebar, videos, Instagram, mobile, or all.

How: see the way they convey messages: videos, text, pictures, body text,…

AdScouter Review
About the creator
AdScouter Review
Sam Bakker and his partner Rohit Shah are the creators of this program. Up to now, Sam has earned up to six million dollars in affiliate marketing.

Having worked for so many years in the field, he has launched a huge number of products that provide a clear guideline for marketers to grow their business.

Some of his products are Retarget by AdSightPro, Videosly, Recastly, etc. Now let’s switch to the next part of the AdScouter Review to find out the content of the program!

AdScouter Review

Why should you buy it?
Every kind of business making any kind of money is using Facebook to advertise… but creating a profitable ad campaign is often harder than it looks. You need…

An ad that grabs your viewers attention
A message that encourages them to click in
A sales funnel that convinces them to buy
It can cost a whole lot of money and take a whole lot of luck to generate a positive ROI, and that’s only after thousands of dollars spent on split testing different ads and messages trying to figure out if one of them will eventually generate a profit.

The fact is that when you start advertising over Facebook, you’re immediately at a disadvantage. Your competitors have already been advertising for months. They’ve already spent thousands of dollars on testing, refining, and improving their offers.

The reason they’re still running ads is that they’re now generating a profit. So we got thinking… what if there was a way that we could save you thousands of dollars in testing and hours of rewriting or redesigning your ads and sales funnels?…

A way that would mean that you could immediately catch up to your competitors without having to spend a cent testing ads. Here’s what we discovered… the very best way to identify that a Facebook advertisement is profitable is to look and see how long the ad has been running over Facebook or Instagram.

Because the longer an advertisement has been running, the more likely it is that it’s generating a positive ROI for the advertiser. So when an advertisement appears in your news feed, you can see… How long their ad has been running. You can read comments below the ad and see how much activity the ad has.

These are all indicators of how successful the ad is. So if the ad looks like it’s going well, you can then copy the text of the ad, the text that it’s using. You can save the image and you can click through and take a look at the sales page or sales funnel… then reverse engineer that successful ad for your own campaigns.

Now, this method works really really well. It means that you’re not simply taking a stab in the dark with your ads, you have a real active case study you can work from to produce a profitable ad.

The only problem with this strategy is that there is no way to convince Facebook to show you ads of your competitors within your news feed. Sure you can search through your news feed and the hope that your competitor’s ads might show up.

You might find one or two good ads and if you’re lucky then you might get a little bit of an insight into one or two profitable campaigns a competitor of yours is running. With so many advertisers on Facebook right now, it’s really hard to create an ad campaign that actually brings an ROI.

The truth is though that you’re probably not your competitor’s target audience, and the likelihood you’ll ever see the most profitable ads is very slim. So how can you accurately find the most profitable ads your competition is running right now?

That’s where AdScouter comes into play. It accurately finds and catalogs the most profitable Facebook and Instagram ads. You now have at your fingertips a database packed with millions of profitable Facebook and Instagram ads within seconds.

Sometimes all you need is the right inspiration to help you create the perfect ad design, the perfect ad copy, point your ad to the right targeted audience, find the perfect type of product to sell to your followers… and AdScouter helps you find all of that in just a few clicks.

You can uncover hidden Facebook advertising campaigns your competition never wanted you to see, and you can immediately benefit from your new unfair advantage. Search, find, and replicate your competitor’s most profitable campaigns.

AdScouter is your one-stop-shop for all sorts of FB ads and market research. This cloud-based application is your swiss army knife for everything you need for your ads and market research on FB. You can not only reverse-engineer these ads on FB but other ad platforms as well.

Here’s why this is important for you?

Find out the landing pages they are leading people to.
Find targeted niches other marketers are going after.
Find all types of Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ads.
Find viral posts that your competitors are creating.
Find Profitable Shopify stores & products.
Find the most profitable mobile offers.
Find out what selling for Amazon affiliates.
Find High Converting CPA offers that are profitable on FB.
It’s a spy on Facebook & Instagram ads.
Figure out the exact audience your competitors are targeting & see detailed targeting information.
Save time and money on testing multiple profitable ad groups.
You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the end of this AdScouter Review):

AdScouter Review Bonus
How does it work?
Here’s how it works: simply enter the keyword you want to use within the search, filter your search, adding the language ad status or ad network that you want to search within, hit search.

AdScouter instantly finds the very best ads that are active and running over Facebook and Instagram right now. That’s not all. Though AdScouter actively assists your search for the most profitable ads, it does this by ranking ads by profit score.

AdScouter’s profit score algorithm looks at a variety of different factors and accurately ranks ads based on profitability.

So what you can do is you can navigate through the most profitable active ads that are running within your niche on Facebook or Instagram right now.

You can expand them and you can favorite those ads that you want to continue to monitor and track in the future as well.

You can also reverse engineer ad campaigns that you’re working for or working on for businesses or clients businesses.

You can dig deeper into the advertising campaigns, read through the ad, copy, add images, and click through to your competitor’s offer and view the pages that they’re paying your prospects to view…

Then apply what you learned to your own campaigns, replicate competitor campaigns, the ad, copy the ad images and the offered profit without having to spend thousands of dollars on testing, hours of time designing and redesigning ads or writing then rewriting ad copy again and again.

Skip the line and access your competition’s very best data that they never wanted you to see… even if you don’t have a background in advertising or you’ve failed at Facebook advertising in the past.

AdScouter enables you to access accurate data about the most profitable ad campaigns being run on Facebook right now. Instantly giving you an advantage over your competition. Enabling you to create more profitable ad campaigns faster and cheaper than ever before.

Whether you’re generating leads for your opt-in campaigns or promoting affiliate offers. Driving visitors from Facebook through your sales funnel or managing successful ad campaigns for local businesses.

AdScouter is here to help. So let’s say that you have this idea for a product that you want to sell over Facebook, and previously you know you had to work in the dark.

You’d have to for example research your market, create sales material or a sales funnel to send people through, guess what marketing message might appeal to your prospects, then create ad copy and design ads based on what you think might work.

Now with AdScouter, you never have to guess again. You can simply run a search for a similar product being sold over Facebook or Instagram right now, find the most profitable campaigns then replicate exactly what’s working over Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Evaluation And Price
This is a strictly LIMITED TIME discounted offer! The price will jump significantly – likely to $97 in the near future… The big discount on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this special offer during launch. In, fact if you exit immediately and are available back later, you’ll find yourself pay more!

Here are details on the price and a couple of upgrades of this product:

Front-end: AdScouter ($37)
20th October 11 am EST:

Price increase at 4 pm EST.
First coupon: $10 OFF Coupon: ADS10 ($10 OFF)
$10 OFF Coupon Expires at 11:59 pm EST.
21st October 11:59 pm EST:

Coupon expires and new coupon introduced: ADS8 ($8 OFF)
23rd October 11:59 pm EST:

Coupon Expires and new coupon introduced: ADS5 ($5 OFF)
27th October 11:59 pm EST

The launch ends and the coupon expires.
The creators will be continually updating the software with new features, improvements, and making it more intuitive.

OTO 1: AI Edition ($47)
Search Ads With Images (Visually Similar Ads – Reverse Search)
Search Within Image Text
Search For Object + Text Within Carousel Ads
Ads Spotlight (We Reveal 30 Most Profitable Ads Every Month)
Ability To Request Inclusion of New Advertiser (We will track these advertisers)
VIP Support
Commercial Rights
OTO 2: PRO Edition ($97)
Create Sub-Users
Client Campaign Management System
Client Acquisition Resources
Client Acquisition Funnel
Support For Several Languages
OTO 3: Agency Edition ($47)
Create Sub-Users
Client Campaign Management System
Client Acquisition Resources
Client Acquisition Funnel
Support For Several Languages
OTO 4: AdCreator ($67)
Comprehensive Image Ad Creator
Advanced Video Ad Creator
Background Removal Tool
Image Enhancer Tool
100+ DFY Video + Image Ads Templates – Inspired From Real Profitable Ads
Commercial Rights
Last thoughts and conclusion
AdScouter is definitely a great product, you want to own it as soon as possible. Before your opponent does.

This is a great product, for a perfect price. It is completely different from the products out there. You really want to make extra cash with this powerful product within the right market at the proper time with their discount offers. You can now use these AdScouter to get a cash bank instantly!

You have finally reached the bottom line in my AdScouter Review.

Sincere thanks for reading the review. I hope this review will help you make the simplest decision for your business. I know you want this product right away, so I don’t waste time and end the review here. Try AdScouter now!

PS! If you purchase this product on my review, you’ll get 24/7 support from me. This means you’ll contact me whenever you get in trouble. Or I can help you contact the author support team. Please contact me via this email address ([email protected]).
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